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Jeans Cream is happy to provide links to other organizations who are working to find a cure for cancer and those dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients and their families. If you are interested in a link exchange, contact

Elyn Jacobs is a great site that empowers women to beat cancer. Full of great resources and inspiration.

Free Help for Cancer offers a wealth of free resources and insights on the journey towards healing from a cancer diagnosis. Provides cancer support and free personal websites for cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers.

Cancer Care
provides free help to cancer patients by offering information on cancer treatments, financial assistance, and other support services.

Pink Link – Online Breast Cancer Support Network When you join Pink-Link (it’s free!), you are instantly linked to a network of fellow survivors, family members, medical pros and others who, in essence, become your “pen pals.”

Cancer Buddies Network is an online support network for anyone, anywhere affected by cancer. Share the ups and downs, laughter and tears with someone who knows how it feels because they’ve been there. You can either chat 1-to-1 by private messaging onsite, or on our lively Forum 24/7. Whether you have experienced cancer yourself, or are a family, friend or carer, come search for your buddy simply and safely today!

Queasy Pops are an all natural, drug free way to ease a queasy stomach, which is great for cancer patients going through chemotherapy. They were developed by healthcare professionals and use a special formulation of essential oils, aromatherapy and a unique delivery method. Queasy Pops come in a handful of great flavors including green apple and ginger.

My Breast Cancer Blog is a great blog about Jacki Donaldson’s journey through cancer. The site has loads of useful information and is both uplifting and fun to read. She sometimes even offers free giveaways of great products!

An Easier Recovery Patient-designed and doctor-endorsed products designed by a cancer survivor to help ease the difficulties of patients undergoing treatment and recovery. Comfort clothing and gifts.

Healing Baskets
Shop online for immediate delivery of tasteful and caring gifts. Have them gift wrapped or made into unique baskets.

The BeauBeau head scarf is a great alternative to wearing a wig! It’s fun, comfortable, requires no tying and can be worn in many different styles. It comes in over 350 different fabrics from casual to elegant. Every scarf is lined with an exquisite soft cotton lining and comes with a matching scrunchie. It’s the perfect way to maintain your individual sense of style and femininity.

Karen Totes Supportive gift totes and baskets for healing. These care packages were created to help with managing symptoms, improve quality of life and provide comfort after surgery, during cancer recovery and more.

DirectoryCancer Contains listings to browse for bladder cancer, eye cancer, clinical trials, melanoma, mesothelioma, skin cancer, oncology, prevention and treatment.

Cancer Information Source – Making Cancer Less Confusing Cancer Information Source is a guide to cancer, providing an in depth introduction that is understandable even if you do not have a background in science or medicine.

Breast Cancer Partner functions as a “partner” to breast cancer survivors (and their families) who are nearing the end of or have completed treatment, are on their journey to recovery, or who are cancer free. They aim to help breast cancer survivors effectively manage life post-treatment, empower them to become their own health and wellness advocate, and adopt a lifestyle and practices aimed at cancer prevention and survival.