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Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving Forward in the Face of Chronic Illness


I’ve seen and experienced a great deal of illness in my personal and professional life. I was chronically ill (Chronic Fatigue James Jordan for Jeans CreamSyndrome) for six years in the 1980s and after recovering my health, changed careers from lawyer to nutritionist. After I recovered my health I continued working as a lawyer but found myself advising many of my clients and colleagues on nutrition and health. I remember one day realizing that I was more inspired to teach people how to improve their health than practice law, which began a career transition that took several years.

The first thing I needed in my own healing was a motivation to get well. I saw the world as upside down and full of injustice and suffering. There was no reason to live but I didn’t want to die either so I sat out much of my 20’s. I had rejected spirituality and life beyond the senses. When I open up to a spiritual dimension of life the decisions I made pertaining to my health became better decisions and I gradually recovered. In “Man’s Search for Meaning”, Viktor Frankl talks about how finding meaning in life was the key to surviving his experience in Nazi concentration camps. This was important for me as well.

After developing meaning for my own life, I had to address toxicity and nutrition in order for my body to heal. In becoming a nutritionist, I learned that many degenerative and chronic illnesses have toxicity and nutrient deficiency components to them. I’ve also found that different people heal with different types of diets. Since we are all biologically unique, the diet and supplements that purify and regenerate our cells the best are based on our unique metabolic imbalances and biological conditioning. And so, this has become the focus of my work in helping my clients to recover their health.

Purpose and meaning in life, along with the right diet and nutrition program, from my perspective, are the two keys to recovering from illness of all kinds. Said another way, I believe that both motivation and discernment are critical to success. Motivation to live and experience life fully, and discernment between what is good for our bodies and what is not. We can’t give up. We must use our discernment to make decisions based on what increases our health and vitality.

James Jordan, CNC, JD, is a certified nutritional consultant and a certified metabolic typing advisor who helped heal himself from a six-year battle with chronic illness. In the field for more than a decade, James has supported thousands of people in regaining their health. He has been on staff at the Optimal Wellness Center in Chicago and led his own private health practice in Illinois and Oregon. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in natural healing, while completing his naturopathic degree. James has also been a featured nutrition and alternative health care expert on Channel 7 News in Chicago.

NOTE: Jeans Cream does not dispense medical advice or necessarily support the views of its contributors. Always consult with your physician regarding your treatment options. Jeans Cream does not endorse any products other than Jeans Cream and receives no financial compensation from its contributors.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What’s Your Idea of the Best Lazy Summer Day?

The verdict has been in for a while. Rest and relaxation is important to our health. So, with a whole summer ahead of you, Feet Up for Healinghow do you plan to kick back and enjoy the sunshine? What is your idea of the most wonderful way to spend a lazy summer day? Maybe you’d go to the beach or relax under a favorite old tree. Perhaps you would spend time with a loved one or delight in much needed solitude. Let your mind wander….and tell us: What’s your idea of the best lazy summer day?

Here are a couple answers from some of our staff:

1. I’d take my dogs and sit by the water with a great book. I’d bring a picnic basket of my favorite foods and a sweater for later so we wouldn’t have to leave until after I napped in the early evening sun.

2. My day would be focused around getting pampered. I’d get a spa treatment, followed by a little shopping, and then have a wonderful dinner with someone special.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Life Goes On

Here’s a fun video of a young prodigy who not only plays the guitar amazingly well, but who looks just adorable singing (well, kind of singing) one of our favorite Beatles songs. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living on Faith

Health problems and life challenges can be stressful. Sometimes it can feel like too much, find more than we can handle. We mightCancer leap of faith feel alone, price scared, discount and unsure that we really will make it through this okay. When the road seems dark and we’re not sure how to make our way, we may need to live for a little while on faith. Living on faith means we might need to take risks on behalf of ourselves, let go of our expectations and the way we wish things were, and open our minds to a new image of our lives…one that is unknown, but nonetheless full of grace and possibilities.

We all have to live on faith sometimes. Here are a few inspiring stories about incredible people who had enough faith to carry them through…just click on their names to read more:

Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts
Human Rights activist Sojourner Truth
Olympic Gold Medalist Vonetta Flowers

Monday, June 7, 2010

Make Life More Fun!

There are lots of things we all know we should do…like eat our vegetables, get enough rest and exercise regularly. And if we’re in the process of healing from cancer, radiation therapy, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, or any other health issues, we are probably aware of even more specific actions we could take to help our minds and bodies heal. But some of us may not always do the things we know would be good for us. So, how can we get motivated to take better care of ourselves? Maybe we don’t need to get out the whip and beat ourselves into self-discipline. Maybe we can just make these things more fun to do!Jeans Cream couple laughing

Try getting one of your funniest girlfriends to accompany you to your mammogram (then you can return the favor and go with her to hers). The day could become filled with laughs. If you have allergy-related eczema, consider taking a macrobiotic cooking class so you can learn how to cook with foods that won’t trigger a skin reaction.

There are plenty of ways to make the mundane in our lives a lot more fun. And having a good time lifts our spirits and can help keep us healthy. Check out this Volkswagen commercial in which they got a lot more people to choose the stairs over the escalator…just by making it more fun to do.