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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Navigating Depression

If we’re facing a life-changing illness, recipe or our physical challenges have lasted a long time, treatment we might find ourselves in a depressed womandepressed state where just getting out of bed in the morning takes heroic effort. Battling depression like this can make it extra difficult to do for ourselves what is necessary to keep us healing and moving forward. So, rx while we may want to consider getting professional support, we are going to have to dig deep and find some inner resources as well. Here are a few quick tips that can help:

1. Start small. You already know what’s good for you: exercise, reducing stress, eating well, drinking lots of water, etc. But right now, just the mere idea of tackling all of these might be overwhelming. So just start with something you can manage. Begin with a walk around the block. Or skip soda for today. Add more as you are able. If you feel that healthy living is all or nothing, then chances are you’ll never get around to any of it; and in order to feel better, you do have to take good care of your self.

2. Stay social. It’s easy to want to isolate ourselves when we feel miserable, but doing so only makes us more vulnerable to getting pulled down deeper. Ask a friend or family member to keep you company one night a week for a few weeks, or at least make a standing phone date with them. Invite your sister over to help you cook dinner. Ask the neighbor to join you for a movie. It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but maintaining these social connections is vital to recovery.

3. Don’t take it personally. You already have enough on your plate without adding self-recrimination to the mix. Remember that this is an experience in your life, it is not the sum total of who you are. At some point, believe it or not, you will feel better, and this can happen more quickly if you’re able to be patient and kind with yourself.

4. Look into your heart. When you can see clearly the people and things that matter most to you, they will become a source of energy to help you get through this.

5. Share your feelings. Even if it means talking about the fact that right now you are not feeling anything and that’s the whole problem. Make sure to share your feelings with someone you trust, either a professional or someone who you know can hold space for your emotions without running scared. This will help energy to move out of your system, while building your feeling of connection with others.

6. Ask for help. If you suspect your experience may be more than you can handle, reach out for assistance from professionals and support groups in your area. Although it might feel like you’re the only one in the world going through this, you aren’t. There are so many people who have been exactly where you are, and there is a world of resources available if you reach out your hand.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Great Escape

If today is one of those days when you just don’t want to think for one more minute about cancer, or eczema, or whatever challenge or illness you may be grappling with, then we have the perfect escape for you. Here is a short video that absolutely captivated us. This man is a magician of sorts, but he does tricks with the way people’s minds work.

Get comfortable. For the next twenty minutes you are in for a treat that has nothing to do with radiation, medicines, or healing attempts of any kind!

Monday, August 16, 2010

You Are Powerful

Life challenges can sometimes put us in a place of feeling weak and afraid. And while it’s perfectly human to feel this way, try Powerful Healing Sunsometimes we completely forget how much power we actually do have. We may forget that at any time, discount we have the power to influence our lives and our experiences. We may forget that we have the power to choose who we spend time with and who we avoid…..that we are able to determine what meaning an experience will have for us….that we are in charge of how we regard and treat our bodies….that with every choice, we can respect or disrespect ourselves….that we can begin healing broken relationships or let them fall away….that we can make a commitment to laughing more….that we can decide right here and now to truly, truly love ourselves—and if we don’t know what that really means, we can decide to begin learning. No matter what is happening around us, and no matter what illness our bodies may be fighting, we have to remember how very powerful we are.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Making Friends with Being Alone

When we’re healing, it’s so important to create balance in our lives, and one of the areas we must create balance in is our relationships with others and with ourselves. We need time feeling connected with people and we also need some down time where we can focus on the connection we have with ourselves.

If you find it difficult or scary to be alone, here is the sweetest video to help you ease your way into enjoying your own company: