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Friday, January 28, 2011

Beauty in Transience

When we’re going through a physical health challenge like cancer, eczema, or diabetes, it can be easy to forget that everything changes….everything has its season. We may be tired some times and strong others. We may feel hopeful and positive and soon after get discouraged. Our determination may sometimes waver. But there is a beauty in this…in all these cycles.

Sand artist, Peter Donnelly, celebrates the transience in life by creating glorious sand paintings as an offering to the sea, which comes in at high tide and washes over all his hard work. There is a peace in this….accepting the changes that time brings.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Open Your Heart

When life doesn’t go as we planned and if we get bad news about something important to us, it can rock us to our core. We may heartwant to shut down, close our hearts, protect ourselves from getting hurt again. But studies show that we can’t selectively turn off our emotions. In other words, if we don’t allow ourselves to feel sadness or fear, we’re not going to be able to feel joy or contentment either.

Today, see if you can open your heart a little more…allow yourself to feel your disappointment, worry, anger, whatever it is. And see if you can open your heart to feeling hope again, to feeling positive, to feeling connected with a beautiful, magical world that has so much goodness in store for you.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Gifts Need a Little Help

YerkoWe all have gifts and many times, these gifts become even more profound when we go through life challenges. Some of us may even need a little help to let them shine. Here is a wonderfully inspiring story about a brilliant pianist and what it took to bring him to the USA and enable him to play the instrument he loves (he’s blind and mostly deaf).

Click HERE for the video!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year of Service and Love

animal shelterWhenever we are going through any difficulty, something that can always ease and uplift our heart is the simple act of helping others, particularly those who are in dire need. If you are healing from cancer, or any other physical condition, rather than gauging 2011 on how successful you will be in healing your body, consider exploring the difference you can make, how many beings you can help, how much love you can give.

Of course you’ll want to be realistic with your resources (both time and money), but almost everyone can do something that really counts.Tijuana Orphan Child

There are an infinite number of animal rescues, children’s and seniors’ charities, environmental causes, medical support groups, and so on that would benefit from your support. What calls to your heart the most? Do what really matters to you and you’ll be blessed beyond measure.