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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unexpected Moments of Joy and Hope


I consider my experience with breast cancer more of a forced march than a journey.  “Journey” seems too kind and gentle a cancer hope candlesword for describing what breast cancer patients have to go through.  My breast cancer was discovered in early 2011, cialis fourteen months after my 2010 mammogram.  I had had annual mammograms for the past 10 years, pills all normal.  Not this year’s.

So began my forced march into BC land.  No longer was I in control of my life or my body.  I opted for an aggressive approach, generic and obediently did as I was told through genetic testing, surgery, aggressive chemotherapy, and radiation.  When I was told to jump, my only response was “How high?”   For lack of better words, it was hell.

During my travels through hell, however, I was lifted by unexpected moments of joy and hope.  A young woman I have never met, but have corresponded with via email regarding business, sent me cute little cards containing messages of hope and encouragement.  Another woman, who lives in my city, whom I also had never met, had heard about my plight from a mutual friend, and began delivering meals to my door step and offering sage advice – she was a BC survivor herself.

Finding Relief from Radiation Side Effects

Another moment of joy and hope was when I discovered Jean’s Cream.  I first heard about Jean’s Cream during my interview of a radiation oncologist.  I had asked her what she recommended for skin care during radiation, and she mentioned Jean’s Cream, among other products.

Well before my radiation treatments started, I ordered my first tube of Jean’s Cream, and found it to be much lighter than the usual product used by radiation patients, and, Jean’s Cream absorbed into the skin much quicker.  I used it three times a day during the weeks I underwent radiation.  Jean’s Cream is, in a word, FANTASTIC.

Jean’s Cream was and still is a source of joy and hope for me, and I share that joy and hope with others.  Even though radiation has ended for me, I continue to use Jean’s Cream.   I have since ordered Jean’s Cream for my mom, who experienced residual pain from shingles many years after the rash was gone.  Jean’s Cream has helped to alleviate her pain.  I also ordered a tube for my little nephew, who gets eczema in the wintertime, and I have also shared the “tubes of joy and hope” with other women undergoing radiation therapy.

I am thankful for Jean’s Cream, and Jean, the person who made it all possible.

Jennifer Lee Edmondson lives with her family in Wisconsin.  She and her husband practice law together, representing people who are injured or disabled, through their law firm, Edmondson Law Office.  Jennifer also writes as a community columnist for The Post Crescent.  Her most recent column, which encourages individuals to have annual health screenings, regardless of what recent studies recommend, can be found here.