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Monday, May 27, 2013

Stretch. Run. Walk. Jump. Dance.

Jeans Cream Healing Cancer Through Dance

We all know the saying, physician “There’s nothing like a good cry.” And we know how true it is. When what we’re feeling gets stuck, stuff it’s terrible. We get cranky, frustrated, sluggish, or confused. But when our emotions move through us, we are relieved and become free to face the world anew.

The same is true in our bodies. When our blood and lymph aren’t circulating well, our bodies weaken and become toxic. We are more susceptible to disease.

Circulation is vital to well-being and physical healing. So move. Every day. Swing your arms. Twist your hips. Bend your knees. Stretch. Run. Walk. Jump. Dance.

[Photo of contemporary dancer, Kayleigh Lush, courtesy of Kenny Smith Photography]