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Friday, June 20, 2014

Sunburn Relief Stories

Star colorWe’ve all spent too long in the sun or forgotten to cover some area of our body with sunscreen and needed major sunburn relief. What are your most comical stories from when the sun got the better of you? Here are some fun ones some of our users have shared:

I got terrible burns when I was 9 in Jamaica. It was late afternoon and I was on the beach with my dad and we both dozed off. A few hours later, after being beat on by the sun and the UV rays reflecting off the water, I was bright red. By nighttime I was in agony. I had to spend the rest of the vacation in a cool bathtub and taking aspirin for sunburn relief. It hurt to touch anything and everything. After the pain began to fade, I started peeling off huge layers of skin. I know this sunburn is where I got many of my freckles.
~ Chris

A few years ago we visited the local water park during a heat wave. Great idea! I had forgotten to reapply sunscreen after we went swimming, so all my protection wore off and I wasn’t thinking about the water reflecting the sun. My nose and shoulders got burned so badly I couldn’t even wear a shirt for three days afterwards.
~ Emily

Last summer I was hanging out in my neighbor’s backyard on a lovely summer day and fell asleep with my iPod resting on my leg. You guessed it – that night, my legs were burned, except for a shocking little white patch where the iPod had been. My husband still teases me about it.
~ Laura

I spent too much time outside last week and wound up getting a burn on my shoulders and chest. My bra strap hurts, the seatbelt hurts, everything. Luckily I just found a good cream for sunburn relief and plan to use it tonight. Hopefully I can ease the pain and also help repair my skin!
~ Margaret

My WORST sunburn ever was the summer after my freshman year in college. I was mowing lawns to earn some extra income. This one day I had spent over three hours on the mower and hadn’t even thought to put sunscreen on my hands. I was holding the steering wheel all day so my hands were getting tons of sun. I think the pain lasted almost a week after that. And every time I tried to shower and wash my hair, the warm water would send my hands to agony.
~ Anthony

My first time in Mexico, I didn’t realize how much stronger the sun was than in New England. We didn’t take it seriously the first day and spent the rest of the vacation blistered and looking like lobsters.
~ Marie

These stories are great reminders about how easy it can be to forget to protect ourselves from overexposure to the sun. It’s always better to protect our skin than to need sunburn relief after the fact.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Sunburn Relief

If you ever stay in the sun too long and aren’t able to get immediate sunburn relief, here are some common household items that might help. Thank you, WonderHowTo for the graphic.