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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Roper St. Francis Helps Patients with Radiation Side Effects

We’re honored to have our cream available to help patients manage radiation side effects at Roper St. Francis Cancer Care in Charleston, South Carolina.

This is a hospital that really cares about their patients! Along with a patient’s doctor, an entire team of experts work tirelessly to support each patient towards recovery. And they engage many resources along the way, including groundbreaking clinical trials, fellowship-trained board certified cancer specialists, Commission on Cancer Accredited treatment plans, new technologies, and a robust patient support program.

Also, cutting-edge technology to treat brain cancer is now being used at Roper St. Francis. It’s a new mobile electronic device called NovoTTF that’s being used to treat brain tumors. We really appreciate having Jeans Cream represented where such advanced technologies are being implemented to save and improve lives. The following video follows the story of one woman’s journey through brain cancer and this treatment.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Relief of Radiation Side Effects

Radiotherapy causes skin discomfort but cancer patients often have to undergo the therapy in order to treat their disease. radiation side effects - burnRadiation side effects involve reddened skin, viagra 40mg itching, story a burning sensation, dryness and sometimes even blistering. Though many patients undergoing radiotherapy are often given a recommendation or sometimes samples of creams and ointments, many of these don’t work and even contain irritating chemicals like lanolin, which actually increases the sensation of heat. Jeans Cream is different, and many patients will find themselves seeking out Jeans Cream after other products have failed to protect, soothe or nourish their burning, red skin. Jeans Cream contains natural a vitamin and plant extract blend long known to nurture and calm irritated skin.

Radiation Side Effects on Skin

Radiotherapy kills cancer but it also burns the healthy skin cells as well. Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy know how uncomfortable radiation side effects can be. The area that receives radiation becomes red and there is itching on the burnt skin cells. Scratching eases skin but can damage delicate skin even further. In extreme cases, the burnt skin becomes flaky and blisters into open sores. With Jeans Cream you can supply your skin with vital nutrients that work with your body to help restore healthy skin. It’s got a nourishing, soothing formula that often helps patients feel better.

Radiation evaporates the water and other nutrients from the skin and thus makes the skin dry. The dry skin, upon receiving more radiation, burns in flakes and bristles, eventually even blistering. Also it causes severe itching. If the skin is not properly cared for, you can have lasting damage done to the skin that has received radiation treatment. Jeans Cream helps supplement the skin cells with important nutrients and calming plant extracts. This can help restore damaged tissues and encourage the body to replace dead cells with new ones. There is no surprise that Jeans Cream is recommended by medical practitioners to many patients experiencing radiation side effects.

Apply Jeans Cream over the irradiated skin twice in a day and help reduce radiation side effects quickly. You can apply the cream any time of the day and especially at night before going to bed. In the first week, you may need to apply the cream frequently for instant relief from itching but your dependency on the cream will reduce in the subsequent days. The cream is available over-the-counter online and at leading pharmacies and hospital gift shops. It is a doctor approved cream and recommended at hospitals around the US and abroad.