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Friday, April 24, 2015

Nalie Agustin Dealing with Radiation Side Effects

NalieNalie Agustin has been chronicling her experiences going through treatment for breast cancer, ed and coping with radiation side effects.

Here is her story: It all started back in 2012 when I felt lumps in my left breast while showering. I mentioned it to my family doctor who examined me and said, vialis 40mg “At your age, look 85% of the time, it’s just a cyst!” but she gave me a referral paper to book an ultra-sound just in case.

Months passed, seasons changed, relationships ended and I only decided to get that ultra-sound in July 2013. One test led to another and on July 17, 2013 I heard the scariest 3 words of my life: “You have cancer”.

I was diagnosed with stage 2B invasive breast cancer with 2 tumors in the left breast and 1 in the lymph node. The biggest one being 4x4cm. My cancer is Estrogen and Progesterone positive. HER2 and BRCA1 negative, and has thankfully not metastasized.

Treatments began immediately starting with 4 rounds of A/C chemotherapy once every 3 weeks followed by 12 weekly rounds of Taxol.

A month later, I was scheduled for a full mastectomy: the removal of my entire left breast with immediate reconstruction.

Once healed, 5 weeks of Radiation was scheduled for extra cancer cell destruction. Treatments then end with a daily intake of hormone pills for 5 years of prevention.

From the very first day I was told I had cancer; I decided to record and write about my journey through the world of oncology. At first, it was for myself, as my form of therapy. But now, it’s become clear that my blog is for far more than just that…

You can see more of Nalie at her blog and in this video as she copes with radiation side effects:


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What Is the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery?

jc - plastic surgeryIncreasingly, we have more and more customers purchasing Jeans Cream for post-cosmetic surgery care. We weren’t sure exactly what the difference was between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, so we thought we’d do a little research. Here is what we found:

Cosmetic surgery is an elective process that involves surgically or medically enhancing any area of the head, neck or body to match an aesthetic ideal. Plastic surgery, on the other hand is dedicated to reconstructing body or facial defects caused by birth disorders, trauma, burns or disease.

What’s interesting is that it can get a little tricky to find a medical professional who has been properly trained in cosmetic procedures. There are currently no US residency programs dedicated exclusively to cosmetic surgery, so this has to be an additional training that the doctors seek out after they have completed their residency training. Even surgeons who have done their residency in plastic surgery may not have had training in the cosmetic procedures they are being asked to perform.