5 Tips To Help You Through Radiation Treatment

They say hindsight is 20/20. After people have gone through cancer treatments and made it through the radiation side effects, surgery and chemo, they often learn a few tricks that others could use to make their own experiences more pleasant. If you have been prescribed radiation therapy for cancer, here are five tips to help you move through the weeks with a little more ease:

1. Consider the time of day you are scheduling your radiation treatments. You will generally have to receive your radiation treatment at the same time every day. So, if the office offers an appointment time that is inconvenient for you, wait a few days or even a week for a better appointment time to become available. It shouldn’t take too long. Spots will free up as current patients finish their treatment courses, which happens often. The difference of a few days or even a week will not matter to your health and the more convenient appointment time will make a big difference to your comfort and stress level during treatment.

2. Write down your questions or concerns when you think of them. You will typically see your doctor once a week for a check in, and it is difficult to remember concerns and questions that came up of in the meantime. You may have unexpected symptoms and wonder if they are just radiation side effects manifesting over time. Or, you may simply wonder if you can do things like swim, dance or exercise in between therapy appointments. Be prepared with a simple list that you keep in your car or pocketbook/purse.

3. Wear clothing that is easy to take off and on. You’ll be changing into a Johnny for your appointment, so you won’t want to fuss with a lot of buttons, ties and such every time you go in. It will feel best to be in comfortable clothes that can be taken off easily and look good when you get dressed again to leave.

4. Wear comfortable under clothing. Get some underwear that has no bones or tight elastic, depending on which part of your body the radiation will be treating. You may become sensitive in certain areas if your skin is going through radiation side effects, which will make you want to wear soft fabrics that don’t have a lot of buckles or clasps. Probably your oldest and most comfortable underwear will work best. As your treatment progresses you will want to have something underneath that is very comfortable.

5. Use a quality healing cream made specifically for helping irradiated skin. Moisturized, nourished skin will heal better and withstand the full course of treatment better than dry skin that is being ignored or given lotions that don’t work well. A quality healing cream will help your skin stay moisturized and you will feel good to be taking care of yourself in this simple way.

Radiation therapy can be a bigger challenge for some than others. We know many people who cruised through their radiation treatment with no issue at all. This is especially true if a high-quality healing cream was used several times a day and particularly before bed.

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll feel confident moving forward and can just put your focus on healing your body and enjoying a long, vibrant life.

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