Where a Healing Cream Can Help

IMG_2059Let’s face it. The skin handles a lot. It protects us from a constant barrage of pathogens and environmental toxins. It provides insulation, regulates temperature and moisture, alerts our brains to different sensations, synthesizes vitamin D, and more. It’s no wonder that people can develop challenging skin conditions – whether those last for a few days or for years. A good healing cream used at the right time can help soothe, nourish and heal the skin when it is dry or hurting.

Here are some of the areas we most see with problems that a good healing cream can often help:

Elbows and heels! Sometimes elbows and heels can be so dry that layer after layer of skin begins building into a lifeless callus. We’ve heard of people applying Vaseline or a good emollient, healing cream to these areas at bedtime then covering them with socks (heels) or wraps (elbows) to let the moisture sink in and soften hardened skin.

Dry skin – anywhere! Most dry skin can be attributed to the environment (including weather, heat, overexposure to sun, harsh soaps and detergents, etc.) certain skin diseases can also rob vital moisture from the skin and dry it out. Some of these include eczema and psoriasis. Particularly in cases where outside factors have dried out the skin, a healing cream can be used to form a moisture barrier, as well as provide deep nourishment and moisture.

We have hundreds of customers who use our cream just for this cause – dry skin. So, we know it’s a problem that lots of people face – particularly during the height of summer and winter, when people are inside with heaters or air conditioning on.

The face, neck and hands! The face, neck and hands are all typically exposed to more sun than other areas of the body. This can lead them to dry out, which encourages the skin to wrinkly prematurely. Using a good healing cream can help keep skin moist and encourage cells to regenerate, which would result in less wrinkles

Any area that has a mild burn! When skin is burned, depending on how bad the burn is, it usually does much better with the assistance of a soothing, healing product. Creams with ingredients like aloe Vera and Vitamin E have been shown to be particularly helpful in calming redness and pain, and helping the skin to heal and recover.

Eczema! Eczema is a skin condition that can have different causes and be quite tricky to heal. Some people have found relief – although sometimes it’s only temporary, with a topical product, while others have found the biggest relief to come from staying away from food or environmental allergens. Some food allergens that people have reported as causing bad eczema outbreaks are kale, eggs, dairy, wheat and broccoli, though there are many more as well. Some environmental triggers can include petroleum based detergents and other chemicals.

Psoriasis! This is another skin condition which can be particularly frustrating. Most people manage it with medication rather than heal it for good.

When have you used a healing cream? Is there anything else you’ve found particularly useful for taking care of your skin and helping it to be as healthy as possible?

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