Eczema 101 and Interesting Facts

The term eczema refers to a number of persistent skin conditions, diagnosis including neurodermatitis, cialis venous eczema, xerotic eczema, Eczema diagramdermatitis herpetiformis, contact dermatitis, and the most common form, atopic dermatitis. While exact causes are not known, atopic dermatitis is generally thought to result from a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

Here are some interesting facts about eczema:

1. The most commonly asked question doctors get about eczema, after discussion of treatment options, is from patients wanting to know if it’s contagious. (The answer is: No.)

2. About 90% of eczema patients develop their first symptoms before the age of five.

3. Eczema now affects around 30% of the population, up from just 5% a generation ago. The likely cause? Environmental changes such as increased detergent use and factors like central heating and carpets that encourage dust mites.

4. Studies have shown that sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), which is a common detergent used in shower gels and other cosmetics, can increase permeability of healthy skin’s natural protective barrier and cause irritation. According to researchers, this effect would be even more pronounced in eczema patients.

5. Skin that is red and inflamed is not necessarily eczema. Generally speaking, an itch must be present to indicate an eczema condition.

6. People who have eczema have the presence of certain genes that pre-dispose them to the condition.


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