Feelings Always Win ~ Let Them Heal You

Cathy ThorneHow many times have you tried to will away a feeling to no avail? Some of us try to stuff our feelings, ignore them, or positive-think them away, but no matter how we try, our feelings always win. They come out in distorted ways (this is especially true with anger and resentment) or they take us over at the most inopportune times.

While allowing our honest feelings may be uncomfortable at first, by surrendering to the inner experience of a feeling – the pure energy of it – you can begin to feel in a way that allows an emotion to complete its process and heal you. Our feelings are always giving us important information about what’s important to us, what we truly need, and whether our thinking is healthy or not.

The next time an uncomfortable feeling emerges, close your eyes and let yourself feel the truth of it for a moment before trying to do anything about it. The more you do this, the less you will be swung around by your emotions, and the more you’ll be living from a centered place of power and authenticity.

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