How To Ask for Help

If you’re like most of us, just the idea of asking for help can bring up anxiety. But sometimes in life, we’re overwhelmed How To Ask for Helpand simply cannot move forward without the kind assistance of others. This can be especially true if we find ourselves in a healing process, working our way through cancer treatment, chemo and radiation side effects, chronic severe eczema, and so on.

If asking for help is new for you, here are a couple of tips to help you out:

1. Get Clear. What is it that you really need… A ride to the doctor’s office? Someone to cook for you or just sit with you a couple of hours?

2. Be Direct. Forthrightly ask for what you need so that the other person can get a realistic picture of what’s involved.

3. Let Go of Rejection. If someone says, “no,” it has nothing to do with whether you are worthy of being helped. It simply means that they are not available and someone else is better suited to help you. Keep asking until you find the right support.

4. Relax and Enjoy. If someone is helping you, let go and enjoy the assistance. Really use it as a time to receive and focus on your healing.

5. Say, “Thank You.” Sometimes saying a simple, “thank you” is enough. Other times, you might feel drawn to send a note or gift of appreciation. It’ll depend on the situation and friends can help you decide if you’re not sure.

Just think how good you feel when you’re able to do something kind for another person. The people in your life will generally feel the same way, so don’t assume your request is a burden for them. You may actually be the brightest part of their day.

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