Let Yourself Grieve

Grieving is a natural process and many of us don’t allow ourselves to do it enough. Because life is constantly changing, we are sunsetoften leaving behind people or circumstances that were once very important to us. If we have been diagnosed with an illness, we may need to grieve the life that came before. We may feel sad about losing a sense of invulnerability or easy peace of mind. We may have to change the way we relate with others. Our bodies might never be the same, or perhaps recovery will help us feel better than ever, but we may have to say goodbye to our old lifestyle and way of relating with our physical form.

The trouble with denying our grief or stuffing it down, is that it never has a chance to wash through us and leave us clear and open to new, positive experiences. You may need to cry, sleep more, mope around for a day or two, or just talk to friends about your loss. But consider your grief real and legitimate – no matter what the perceived loss is. Allowing yourself to be real about how it feels to let go will bring you greater support and an internal sense of comfort about whatever changes you have been going through.

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