You Are Powerful

Life challenges can sometimes put us in a place of feeling weak and afraid. And while it’s perfectly human to feel this way, try Powerful Healing Sunsometimes we completely forget how much power we actually do have. We may forget that at any time, discount we have the power to influence our lives and our experiences. We may forget that we have the power to choose who we spend time with and who we avoid…..that we are able to determine what meaning an experience will have for us….that we are in charge of how we regard and treat our bodies….that with every choice, we can respect or disrespect ourselves….that we can begin healing broken relationships or let them fall away….that we can make a commitment to laughing more….that we can decide right here and now to truly, truly love ourselves—and if we don’t know what that really means, we can decide to begin learning. No matter what is happening around us, and no matter what illness our bodies may be fighting, we have to remember how very powerful we are.

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