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Thursday, January 19, 2012


New Year’s resolutions can feel so limiting, oppressive even. What would happen if this year instead of trying to force yourself to Green leaf possibilitiesgo to the gym, learn to play piano, and climb Mount Everest, you simply lifted your chin heavenward and wondered what amazing new experiences might be possible for you in 2012?

Grab a pen and paper, and time yourself for ten minutes as you brainstorm what good things could be in store for you this year. Maybe you’ll meet the man of your dreams, travel abroad with your family, find yourself working at your dream job, make a new best friend, lose those ten pounds, rescue a dog from the pound, or something even better. Set your mind free!

When we open our thinking up to new possibilities, we become inspired by potential and feel much more inclined to do those things that before would have felt like chores (such as going to the gym, learning something new, etc.)

What is possible for you in 2012? Tell us!