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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Choosing the Right Healing Cream for Your Child

Hand-careIf your child has ever had an itchy rash, a minor wound, a sunburn, or simple dry skin, then you’ve probably searched for a good healing cream that can actually soothe skin and ease your child’s suffering. But when there are so many different products, how do you know which one will be most helpful for your child’s situation? On the shelves and online, you’ll find simple moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and more advanced scar-removal and pain-relieving creams. Each therapeutic ointment has a particular purpose and the cost can vary a great deal from product to product.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking to select the right healing cream for your son or daughter:

1. What is the purpose and how long will they need it? If you want an ointment that specifically targets pain relief, that would be a very different product than one for overall soothing of the skin. A product for pain relief is something you’d select in more acute cases, and you’d probably use it less frequently after your child’s initial pain subsides, whereas a general skin salve could be used often on everything from dry, cracked feet and hands to skin recovery from a summer sunburn. So, your first step is to clearly determine what you need the product to do for your child.

Below are a few different kinds of very specific healing creams you might want to consider, depending on what your child has going on with his or her skin:

– Anti-fungal and rash control creams (kills microbes, reduces redness and itching)

– Burn cream (cooling, reduces redness and inhibits scarring)

– Bruise creams (generally include vitamins K or P to promote healing of blood vessels)

– Sunburn relief creams (cooling, lessens redness and inflammation)

– Wound healing creams (regenerate healthy skin rapidly, Neosporin is a great one!)

– Anti-aging creams (moisturizing, intended to reduce wrinkles and scars)

– Acne creams (intended to dry up the skin)

– Feet and hand creams (extra moisturizing for dried, cracked skin areas on the feet and hands)

– Anti-pain creams (for muscle and joint pain, include menthol to create a cooling effect)


2. Do your research. Every kid’s skin is different so online reviews won’t be a foolproof way to ensure that a specific cream will work for your son or daughter, but it can provide some important insight about a products’ positive and negative qualities. You could do a basic web search for the keywords or product you’re looking at, or you could read customer reviews of creams on Amazon.

3. Take your child’s special needs into account. If he or she has allergies be sure to read the ingredient labels thoroughly to ensure the product won’t trigger any reactions that could have been prevented. If you would like to use a more natural product for your child, you should have no problem finding ones that include natural components such as Vitamin E and Aloe without all of the toxic fillers.

Our skin is one of the most used organs in our body, so when it comes to our children’s health and wellbeing, we can support this vital organ by helping them to drink plenty of water, avoid getting too much sun, and give their skin the right healing cream when they need it. Hopefully our recommendations above will help you find the best possible product for your chid’s situation!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

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