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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Using Tattoos To Write a New Story

After the surgery, drug chemo, cialis radiation side effects, buy and other treatments, there are often pieces to pick up. There is healing to do and a re-orienting of oneself to a new body and a new way of viewing themselves in the world. Some women opt for having tattoos created over the areas affected by surgery so that they can put their own beautiful stamp over a difficult experience in their lives. Check out the way this one woman chose to do that: 47-year-old breast cancer survivor Molly Ortwein gets a seven hour chest tattoo from artist Colby Butler of Unfamous Miami. Visit for more of the story.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Stretch. Run. Walk. Jump. Dance.

Jeans Cream Healing Cancer Through Dance

We all know the saying, physician “There’s nothing like a good cry.” And we know how true it is. When what we’re feeling gets stuck, stuff it’s terrible. We get cranky, frustrated, sluggish, or confused. But when our emotions move through us, we are relieved and become free to face the world anew.

The same is true in our bodies. When our blood and lymph aren’t circulating well, our bodies weaken and become toxic. We are more susceptible to disease.

Circulation is vital to well-being and physical healing. So move. Every day. Swing your arms. Twist your hips. Bend your knees. Stretch. Run. Walk. Jump. Dance.

[Photo of contemporary dancer, Kayleigh Lush, courtesy of Kenny Smith Photography]

Friday, December 28, 2012

Feelings Always Win ~ Let Them Heal You

Cathy ThorneHow many times have you tried to will away a feeling to no avail? Some of us try to stuff our feelings, ignore them, or positive-think them away, but no matter how we try, our feelings always win. They come out in distorted ways (this is especially true with anger and resentment) or they take us over at the most inopportune times.

While allowing our honest feelings may be uncomfortable at first, by surrendering to the inner experience of a feeling – the pure energy of it – you can begin to feel in a way that allows an emotion to complete its process and heal you. Our feelings are always giving us important information about what’s important to us, what we truly need, and whether our thinking is healthy or not.

The next time an uncomfortable feeling emerges, close your eyes and let yourself feel the truth of it for a moment before trying to do anything about it. The more you do this, the less you will be swung around by your emotions, and the more you’ll be living from a centered place of power and authenticity.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Healing Touch

“Touch is one of the most essential elements of human development, a profound method of communication, a critical healing hands touchingcomponent of health and growth… and a powerful healing force” (Zur, 2004).

Safe, positive human touch can relieve tension and help you feel connected, safe and utterly loveable. It can ease anxiety, generate hope and help you heal.

Ask a loved one to scratch your head, play with your hair, rub your feet or just hold your hand. Get a massage—do a massage “trade” with a friend if you can’t afford to pay someone. At the very least, start by caressing your own arms or massaging your own neck and shoulders.

Your body craves touch. So, especially if you’re in a healing process, try making it more of a priority in your life.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

7 Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep

Getting a great night’s sleep can make the difference between a challenging day and one in which you feel strong and positive about your life. Sleep is also one of the most important factors in decreasing stress and healing our bodies. Here are a few tips to help you get those much-needed zzz’s.

1. Create a bedtime ritual. Every night before crawling into bed, try getting yourself into a routine. It could be as simple as reading a few pages in a book, petting the dog, or washing your face. As these activities become second nature, your mind and body will automatically begin associating them with winding down and transitioning from day to night, from alertness to relaxation.

2. Follow your natural rhythms. According to some experts, tiredness comes in cycles. If you ignore your body’s natural tendency to fall asleep at 10pm, for example, you may find it difficult to shut off your mind once midnight rolls around.

3. Consider going it alone. If you sleep with a snorer: dog, cat or human, think about reclaiming your nighttime quiet. See if you can create a loving solution that allows you to have silence in the bedroom for at least a few nights a week.

4. Go nuts and have a late night snack. We’re not encouraging you to wreck your diet here, just to give yourself a chemical advantage for sleep. Nuts like cashews and almonds are high in magnesium, a mineral found to be associated with high-quality sleep and fewer nighttime awakenings. And walnuts are a rich source of both melatonin (hormone that signals to the brain when it’s time to sleep at night) and tryptophan (amino acid that helps calm down the brain for sleep). Grab a handful as part of your winding down routine.

5. Cover up the alarm clock. Put it in a drawer, cover it with a scarf, or at least turn it away so that the light can’t disturb you. And if you do happen to wake in the middle of the night, you’ll do better to avoid seeing the time anyway.

6. Chill out. Experts have found that we sleep best when our core body temperature is slightly lower than the daytime 98.6 degrees. Taking a hot bath an hour to two hours before bed can stimulate your body to shed some heat before sleeping. You can also try keeping your feet warm in bed with a pair of socks or a hot water bottle, which will encourage blood to flow down into your legs during the night, keeping your trunk cool.

7. Write. As part of your bedtime ritual you might want to spend 10 minutes writing about your day. This can help you release thoughts and stresses before they have a chance to disturb your sleep. And keep your journal nearby. Should you wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea or with a huge to-do list running through your mind, simply grab your notebook and write it all down so you can return to relaxation as soon as possible.

It can take some experimenting to find what works the best for helping you fall asleep. Some people use essential oils like lavender and vanilla on their pillows or in an atomizer to help calm their minds. Others swear by 10 minutes of reading before bed. Hopefully your own exploring and the tips above will find you sleeping soundly in no time.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Ready To Laugh!

You have probably heard how good laughing is for you ….how it boosts the immune system, healing cancer through laughterlowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes muscles, and improves mood.

When is the last time you laughed? Have you made laughter a priority in your life? If not, we want to help you laugh more starting today.

Here are a few websites we’ve found that always seem to get us laughing. Do you have any others that you like? If yes, please share them! Post a comment with a link to the website.

Hyperbole and a Half
This is a particularly funny blog entry…you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing. We promise!

FML (F*** My Life)
Please forgive us for the crudeness here…..but, this site really is hysterical. With one sentence you can tell the world what was the one thing that ruined your day. Of course you get to read everybody else’s problems, some of which are completely hilarious and give you a fresh perspective on your own troubles.

The Oatmeal
Offers comics and quizzes to make you laugh.

Stand Up Comedy
These women are great – great ready to crack up!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Affirmations for Peace

We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking. Whether we believe it or not is another thing entirely. Some people find the idea of repeating affirmations to be too contrived and disingenuous, while others experience great comfort when repeating soothing, empowering statements. How do you feel about affirmations? Could they be a useful tool in helping you manage your experience while experiencing radiation side effects, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis or more?

Sit back in your chair, take a deep breath and press play on the video below. At the very least, it will be a nice calm time out to your day.

Affirmations from Janet Doucette on Vimeo.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Supporting Our Immune Systems

Anyone who is trying to heal will probably want to support his or her immune system in every way possible. In addition to lowering stress, mind getting plenty of rest, order and drinking lots of water, we can give our immune systems a boost by increasing the natural, whole foods in our diet.

For example, the good bacteria in yogurt can increase the body’s white blood cell count. Garlic has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties and contains antioxidants and anti-tumor components. Broccoli, bell peppers and berries have very high levels of Vitamin C. Asparagus, beets and carrots offer lots of beta-carotene; and, chard, spinach and sunflower seeds can provide the Vitamin E our bodies need to destroy germs and cancer cells. Foods such as oysters, red meat and poultry, beans, nuts, whole grains and dairy products provide zinc, which helps increase the production of white blood cells while helping them to fight infections and disease more effectively. Then there are vital minerals like selenium (found in tuna, egg yolks and brown rice) and omega fatty acids such as those in fatty fish oils and flax seeds, which act as white blood cell boosters.

When we increase any one of these foods in our diets, we benefit. But when we begin taking in a variety of fresh colorful vegetables, whole grains and healthy sources of protein and essential fatty acids, the nutrients begin to work together synergistically and fortify our immune systems greatly.

During the winter months is an especially important time to make sure we’re eating well. If you’re undergoing radiation therapy or are trying to heal from eczema, psoriasis or other conditions, then proper nutrition is non-negotiable.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Awesome Mother Nature

There are less than 2900 breeding pairs of the threatened Cape Vulture still alive today. Two paragliders in South Africa decided to fly with them, and the beauty of the world from their view is absolutely breathtaking. We hope you find this video as magnificent as we did, and perhaps it’s a good reminder for all of us to go outside—as often as we can—and rest ourselves in the healing power and tranquility of Mother Nature.

Flying with Vultures – Path into the Future from African Renaissance Productions on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sometimes Healing Comes Through Letting Go

Dandelion - letting go for healingAs a practice this week, purchase try to let go of the things you can’t control. Try releasing the outcome of whatever has you worried or fearful. If your life or your body need healing, order sometimes the best way to help this happen is actually to let go.

Take a deep breath. Love yourself. Fix a cup of tea and rest. Allow Grace to enter your life and begin taking care of things on your behalf.