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Friday, January 23, 2015

Radiation Side Effects: How To Cope with Fatigue

Radiation Side Effects: FatigueFatigue is a common side effect of radiation therapy. While undergoing treatment, you may find that you are far more tired than usual and that you simply don’t have the energy to attend to the tasks of your day as you used to. This does not mean that the cancer is getting worse or that the treatments are not working. It could just be the fatigue that is a common side effect of getting radiation therapy.

Here are some tips to help you cope with fatigue if you’re experiencing it:

1. Let’s face it. You’re going to need more rest as your body undergoes treatment and tries to heal. So make it a priority to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Whatever you usually do in those late hours before bed may not be as vital as your rest, so consider letting them go. Reading a book before bed can help tire your mind out so that you fall asleep more soundly. And if you are able, take short naps (about a half hour is generally good) during the day.

2. Believe it or not, most people coping with fatigue as a radiation therapy side effect find it helpful to exercise each day. A simple 15-30 minute walk or bike ride can make a big difference.

3. Ask for help when you need it. See if you can lessen your work schedule and go into the office part-time for a few weeks. Ask your loved ones for assistance.

4. Slow down, rather than give up. You might simply allow tasks to take you longer to complete, or you might find this approach works the best: Do a task, take a break, do another task, take a break.

5. Make yourself a priority. Honor your limits and do the things that are most important to you first so that you’re sure you have enough energy for them.

Fatigue caused by radiation therapy often clears up after treatment ends but some people find that it lingers for quite a while. So be gentle with yourself. If your fatigue isn’t helped by these tips, or if it is strong enough to cause you concern, talk to your nurse or doctor about it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Relief of Radiation Side Effects

Radiotherapy causes skin discomfort but cancer patients often have to undergo the therapy in order to treat their disease. radiation side effects - burnRadiation side effects involve reddened skin, viagra 40mg itching, story a burning sensation, dryness and sometimes even blistering. Though many patients undergoing radiotherapy are often given a recommendation or sometimes samples of creams and ointments, many of these don’t work and even contain irritating chemicals like lanolin, which actually increases the sensation of heat. Jeans Cream is different, and many patients will find themselves seeking out Jeans Cream after other products have failed to protect, soothe or nourish their burning, red skin. Jeans Cream contains natural a vitamin and plant extract blend long known to nurture and calm irritated skin.

Radiation Side Effects on Skin

Radiotherapy kills cancer but it also burns the healthy skin cells as well. Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy know how uncomfortable radiation side effects can be. The area that receives radiation becomes red and there is itching on the burnt skin cells. Scratching eases skin but can damage delicate skin even further. In extreme cases, the burnt skin becomes flaky and blisters into open sores. With Jeans Cream you can supply your skin with vital nutrients that work with your body to help restore healthy skin. It’s got a nourishing, soothing formula that often helps patients feel better.

Radiation evaporates the water and other nutrients from the skin and thus makes the skin dry. The dry skin, upon receiving more radiation, burns in flakes and bristles, eventually even blistering. Also it causes severe itching. If the skin is not properly cared for, you can have lasting damage done to the skin that has received radiation treatment. Jeans Cream helps supplement the skin cells with important nutrients and calming plant extracts. This can help restore damaged tissues and encourage the body to replace dead cells with new ones. There is no surprise that Jeans Cream is recommended by medical practitioners to many patients experiencing radiation side effects.

Apply Jeans Cream over the irradiated skin twice in a day and help reduce radiation side effects quickly. You can apply the cream any time of the day and especially at night before going to bed. In the first week, you may need to apply the cream frequently for instant relief from itching but your dependency on the cream will reduce in the subsequent days. The cream is available over-the-counter online and at leading pharmacies and hospital gift shops. It is a doctor approved cream and recommended at hospitals around the US and abroad.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 Tips To Help You Through Radiation Treatment

They say hindsight is 20/20. After people have gone through cancer treatments and made it through the radiation side effects, surgery and chemo, they often learn a few tricks that others could use to make their own experiences more pleasant. If you have been prescribed radiation therapy for cancer, here are five tips to help you move through the weeks with a little more ease:

1. Consider the time of day you are scheduling your radiation treatments. You will generally have to receive your radiation treatment at the same time every day. So, if the office offers an appointment time that is inconvenient for you, wait a few days or even a week for a better appointment time to become available. It shouldn’t take too long. Spots will free up as current patients finish their treatment courses, which happens often. The difference of a few days or even a week will not matter to your health and the more convenient appointment time will make a big difference to your comfort and stress level during treatment.

2. Write down your questions or concerns when you think of them. You will typically see your doctor once a week for a check in, and it is difficult to remember concerns and questions that came up of in the meantime. You may have unexpected symptoms and wonder if they are just radiation side effects manifesting over time. Or, you may simply wonder if you can do things like swim, dance or exercise in between therapy appointments. Be prepared with a simple list that you keep in your car or pocketbook/purse.

3. Wear clothing that is easy to take off and on. You’ll be changing into a Johnny for your appointment, so you won’t want to fuss with a lot of buttons, ties and such every time you go in. It will feel best to be in comfortable clothes that can be taken off easily and look good when you get dressed again to leave.

4. Wear comfortable under clothing. Get some underwear that has no bones or tight elastic, depending on which part of your body the radiation will be treating. You may become sensitive in certain areas if your skin is going through radiation side effects, which will make you want to wear soft fabrics that don’t have a lot of buckles or clasps. Probably your oldest and most comfortable underwear will work best. As your treatment progresses you will want to have something underneath that is very comfortable.

5. Use a quality healing cream made specifically for helping irradiated skin. Moisturized, nourished skin will heal better and withstand the full course of treatment better than dry skin that is being ignored or given lotions that don’t work well. A quality healing cream will help your skin stay moisturized and you will feel good to be taking care of yourself in this simple way.

Radiation therapy can be a bigger challenge for some than others. We know many people who cruised through their radiation treatment with no issue at all. This is especially true if a high-quality healing cream was used several times a day and particularly before bed.

Hopefully with these tips, you’ll feel confident moving forward and can just put your focus on healing your body and enjoying a long, vibrant life.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Radiating Hope Brings Our Healing Cream to Panama


Panama City

Radiating Hope is an inspiring nonprofit organization founded by radiation oncologists and mountain climbers that provides and updates radiation equipment to developing countries. Last spring, find they embarked on their first ever resident-organized international mission. A team of five residents, Luqman Dad, Brandon Fisher, Arthur Iglesias, Robert Mutter, and Jeff Olsen went on a self-funded visit to Panama City, Panama. We were honored to participate by donating tubes of Jeans Cream to help cancer patients there.

Brandon, the Founder and President of Radiating Hope, recently sent us the following letter about their trip and the situation regarding cancer treatment in Panama:

We visited the Instituto Oncologico Nacional (ION), the largest cancer facility in Panama and one of only two radiation sites in the country. ION is an essential hospital for cancer care in Panama, and the only one where people without social security or from rural parts of Panama can go for cancer treatment. The hospital is underfunded and doctors are overworked. Cancer patients often have to wait months for care, and supplies to combat side effects are limited. Panama faces an imminent crisis similar to that which exists for cancer care in many developing countries. Panama has a recorded cancer incidence of 4,600 cases per year and the mortality rate from cancer is 2,982 per year. Cancer currently kills more people than any other disease in Panama.

Jeans Cream at ION

ION andamp; Radiating Hope staff with donated tubes of Jeans Cream

Radiating Hope, with the help of Jeans Cream, was able to donate and deliver medical supplies, such as brachytherapy equipment and skin care products. Jeans Cream donated many tubes of skin products which were received with wide open arms and much appreciation.

All the best,


President Radiating Hope

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Radiation Side Effects

Cancer is a life threatening disease but in many cases, for sale it can be cured – especially if diagnosed early. For treating cancerous cells radiation side effectsdoctor use chemotherapy, cialis immunotherapy, hormone therapy and radiotherapy. In radiotherapy, the DNA of cancerous cells is destroyed so that the cells can’t multiply and infect surrounding healthy cells. Radiotherapy is relatively painless compared with other cancer treatments, but the radiation side effects can be upsetting and cause serious discomfort and pain. Radiation burns the skin, which often breaks it into flakes or blisters. Proper skin care of the radiated area is a must for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy.

Skin Care for Radiation Side Effects

Radiated skin should be inspected periodically for redness and patients should be questioned about itching, burning or changes in sensation. How a patient responds to radiation depends upon his health, where on the body the patient receives radiation, and the intensity of the treatment prescribed. Sometimes the radiated skin displays only redness and moderate burning but in many cases of radiation side effects, patients also have terrible sensitivity, peeling and even blistering. This is why good skin care is a so important for patients receiving radiotherapy. Cancer patients should note the changes in skin and see their doctor if they feel any difference in sensation. Doctors recommend Jeans Cream to treat radiated skin because it has helped so many of their patients and works better than the other products out there.

Jeans Cream for Relief from Radiation Side Effects

Eminent doctors and premier hospitals around US recommend Jeans Cream to cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment. Radiation side effects can be so severe that people’s skin endures permanent changes. With Jeans Cream, cancer patients can help their body to recover from any damage. It is made of a proprietary blend of natural nutrients that provide vital support to the skin. Jeans Cream sets deep inside the skin and its ingredients are known for helping the body to repair the broken tissues and burnt cells, which makes it the perfect ally to radiated skin.

Choosing a Healing Cream

There are many lotions and ointments available for treating radiation side effects but many don’t work and the patient’s skin continues to break down during the course of treatment, sometimes even requiring the patient to stop vital therapy. Jeans Cream, however, has a great track record and can often provide relief where other creams have not. Jeans Cream contains high quality, high potency natural ingredients known to help repair damaged skin, nourish damaged cells and gradually erase the signs of radiation from the skin. Many cancer patients continue using Jeans Cream even after the radiotherapy treatment is over. This skin nourishment cream can help keep your radiated skin in good condition.