Read This Before Buying a Healing Cream for Eczema

If you have ever had eczema or know someone who does, please let us know what you think of this video. We have had a number of people who have reported great results when using our product, Jeans Cream as a healing cream for eczema. Through researching the skin online, however, we have seen that many eczema sufferers will find a healing cream that works to heal and soothe their skin for a while, and after using that same product over and over, the itchy red rash will return. It must feel frustrating to keep searching for answers and finding only temporary or limited solutions.

That’s one of the reasons we find this blog so interesting. Many people believe that the skin and the gut are connected. The woman who made this video is the blogger at She has made the connection between skin and gut for herself through personal experience. She has discovered that much of her eczema problem, as well as her son’s, stems from an intolerance to certain foods like eggs, kale and spinach. After cutting these food triggers out of her diet, her eczema has dramatically lessened in severity.

Watch the video and see what she has to say. Then, let us know what your perspective is on this issue. Have you discovered any allergic cause to your skin challenges as well?


April in the above video strongly encourages people do not use steroid creams. There are a few reasons for this. The skin develops resistance to the steroids over time, and stronger steroids with harsher chemicals need to be used to help the skin absorb the medicine. Often, steroid creams – instead of simple healing creams – have unhealthy or painful side effects such as:┬áthinning of the skin, easy bruising, burn marks on the skin, liver and kidney damage,┬ápermanent dilation of some blood vessels, and a weakened immune system.


At one point somewhat recently, April had such a bad outbreak of eczema, that she had to keep bandages on her hands and arms. Rather than resort to steroidal creams, she took a look at her eating habits to explore how her skin may just be reflecting issues going on inside her body. And, indeed – April discovered a number of allergies, including those mentioned above. Once these foods were removed from her diet, her skin got night-and-day better.

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