Does Jeans Cream work for other skin conditions such as shingles, eczema or psoriasis?
Absolutely. The verdict is in! Jeans Cream is an exceptional healing product, outperforming many creams, and we have received testimonials that it has been effective in relieving the painful, aggravating symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, shingles, diabetes-related foot issues and other itchy or dry skin conditions. Try it for yourself!

Is Jeans Cream a prescription?
No, Jean’s Cream is over the counter.

Does Jeans Cream offer a guarantee?
Yes, Jeans Cream offers a full money back guarantee, no questions asked, on unused product returned within 30 days of purchase. In our eight years of doing business, our rate of product return is less than 1%.

Is Jeans Cream covered by insurance?
Not presently.

Is Jeans Cream available locally?
See Retail Locations on this site. Your nurse or doctor will know if you can purchase it locally. Otherwise, you can order on the website or by calling 1-800-276-6116. It is usually shipped within 48 hours.

Does Jeans Cream contain any perfume?
No. Jeans Cream is high-potency Vitamin E and Aloe and does not contain perfume, petroleum or lanolin.

How often and when should I apply Jeans Cream?
Jeans Cream is best applied thinly at least twice a day, most importantly an application at bedtime, and again immediately after treatment (if undergoing radiation therapy). We recommend that you apply Jeans Cream every time your skin feels hot, irritated, itchy or sensitive. Look here for additional instructions on using the cream for eczema, psoriasis, shingles, diabetes-related skin issues and other conditions. Always check with your physician prior to use. If undergoing radiation therapy, note that the skin should be washed and dried and left natural for radiation treatments themselves.

What length of time is recommended for using Jeans Cream during radiation therapy?
Jeans Cream is best when used at least several days before starting treatments, continuing through treatments, and after treatments until completely used up.

Will a tube of Jeans Cream last through all rounds of radiation?
A 7-OZ tube will last through a series of 30-35 radiation treatments when applied as recommended including several days before and after treatment. A 2-OZ tube will last for 10-15 treatments.

How much does Jeans Cream cost?
Jeans Cream costs $45 per 7-OZ tube, $21.50 per 2-OZ tube, and $3.95 per one-third oz. tube. People get such good results with Jeans Cream because we insist on using top quality, high potency ingredients. We believe there is no point in using less expensive ingredients only to have the cream stop working.