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The preferred radiation cream of doctors, nurses and patients around the country, Jeans Cream is proud to share our many testimonials from people who have used it to heal skin from radiation therapy, eczema, sunburn and more.

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Best healing cream in the world. Great for radiation therapy and other medical treatments!! Repeat customer, Valley Springs, CA

Loved the cream. Reordering one for me and one for my daughter who will be a new mom in July. Repeat customer, Drums, PA

This product is super! Keep up the exceptional quality! Repeat customer, Appleton, WI 

Prior to radiation I was given a list of creams to use. I decided to try Jeans Cream. I was told that within a couple of weeks to expect burning and itching. After 33 treatments I have to report I had minimal redness and no itching. I was able to use one tube for all my treatments… I am using the cream as a facial moisturizer too. I am getting comments that my skin looks great. Thank you, Jean. – TX

I had to ask the nurse, “Are you sure this patient has received radiation treatment?” Her skin did not look like it had it at all. It looked great! Fox Chase Cancer Center MD – Philadelphia, PA

I had gone through 28 sessions of radiotherapy and had chemotherapy at the same time. I had a very bad burn, but in less than two weeks of using Jeans Cream, my burn has been reduced to 5% percent, and most of my skin is back to normal. A friend of mine brought it to me from the States, it was worth every penny. Thanks a lot.
Lima, Peru

One of our residents was telling me about your wonderful cream that they have been using on the head and neck patients. The physician just thinks it is wonderful stuff!!!
University of Virginia radiation oncology nurse – VA

I have to thank you for creating the cream. My husband used it throughout his aggressive treatment and did not suffer additional pain with external burns. My friend has a little boy who was experiencing severe itch after being radiated on his head. I had cream on hand and it worked well. I only wish I had given him the cream before the radiation.
Repeat customer – NH

I just want to say your product is still wonderful. ….your product is excellent with sunburns when the sunscreen fails us. What an amazing product. ….have never purchased anything else for sunburn treatment.
Repeat customer – Mesa, AZ

The patient loved the product, stating it was far superior to the generic aloe Vera. It soothed her skin and allowed her to sleep through the night which she had not been able to do due to pain. Thanks for helping me help my patients.
Good Samaritan Hospital RN – Cincinnati, OH

Just wanted you to know that I used Jeans Cream during my radiation therapy for breast cancer and after my six and a half weeks of radiation, my radiation oncologist said that my skin looked better than most! Thank you, thank you!! Your cream was recommended to me by a fellow breast cancer survivor and I’ve recommended it to everyone I know who’s had to go through radiation. What a God-send!
Repeat customer – Scotts Valley, CA

It is every bit as fabulous as they told me. I used it all weekend and it seemed to make my burn nearly disappear. What I found so miraculous about your cream was that it seemed to literally take the burn away.
Exeter Hospital patient – Exeter, NH
Jeans Radiation Therapy Cream

…your cream was wonderful…and helped all the pain, itching & burning… God Bless You!
Addison Gilbert Hospital patient – Gloucester, MA

My dear friend called to say that your cream is like a miracle, was thrilled on how fast the redness was disappearing, wanted me to let you know how wonderful the cream works.
Tampa center patient’s friend – Tampa, FL

I recently burned a small portion of my hand from the oven and it was itching earlier tonight. I put on Jeans Cream and it quit itching right away.
Carol M – CA

The patient we are caring for had radiation treatments and the cream is helping her with the after effects…the cooling feeling after it is applied gives her comfort..thank you for your efforts to help people and give them some quality of life again.
Community Nurse, Windsor, Ontario – CANADA

Your cream is a great hit with our patients. They are very pleased with the results. The other radiation nurse and I are very pleased with what we have seen. I feel very comfortable recommending your product to our clients.
Indian River Memorial Hospital nurse – Vero Beach, FL

No skin reactions, no erythema. The patient was very impressed with Jeans Cream.
City of Hope clinical RN – Duarte, CA
Jeans Radiation Therapy Cream

We tried several other radiation cream products and switched over to Jeans Cream midway through treatment. Jeans Cream was the only cream that helped this patient.
Jordan Hospital RN – Plymouth, MA

You can use Jeans Cream right after your treatmant and put your clothes on without any side effects to clothes or body.THANK YOU JEAN !!!!
Radiation patient, Winthrop, MA

Thereafter…I stopped using the other products and used only the Jeans Cream. In just a few days, there was no more my last day of radiation, the skin was almost perfect.
Massachusetts General Hospital patient – Boston, MA

The cream is really great! It kept my skin in excellent condition; is soothing, non-greasy, unscented and perfect.
Arizona Oncology patient – Tucson, AZJeans Cream for Radiation Therapy

Both my oncologist, and my radiation oncologist, and the radiation therapists agree my “skin looks beautiful.” I thank you for that.
Columbia Presbyterian patient – NY, NY

You will be happy to know that the radiation oncology center staff is so pleased with how my skin looks after using your cream.
Columbia Presbyterian patient – NY, NY

FYI – of the patients who comment about
the cost of the cream, every one has ultimately decided that “Oh my God was it worth it!!!” — a direct quote from one of my patients
Radiation Oncology doctor – FL

An update on the cream: When I began treating my skin it became much better in just a few days. To look at my breast and surrounding skin it is already hardly noticeable that I have been through radiation. I told my oncology nurse I gave a “thumbs up” to Jeans Cream.
University of Utah Hospital patient – Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. My nurse gave me a sample of Jeans Cream. It worked wonderfully!
North Radiation Therapy Center patient – Robbinsdale, MN

I received your product yesterday and I must admit I am extremely impressed with the results.
UW Madison Hospital patient – Madison, Wisconsin

My doctors at a world-renowned cancer institute in Boston, MA commented on how great my skin looked during radiation treatment. This is a fantastic radiation cream product.
Dana Farber patient – Boston, MA

Jeans Cream substantially reduced the redness and tenderness of my husband’s skin during radiation treatment. It Works!
Sloan Kettering patient’s wife – NY, NY

Through a friend I found out about Jeans Cream. I am happy to report that it really works. I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone.
Beth Israel branch patient – Waltham, MA

I was told by a cancer patient that you have the best radiation cream.
No. Shore Medical Center patient – Peabody, MA

Jeans Cream was my preferred choice due to its wonderfully creamy consistency and ease of absorption into my skin.
21st Century Radiation Oncology patient – Naples, FL

A friend recommended that I try using Jeans Cream. I can honestly say that Jeans Cream helped me 100%. I recommend this cream to anyone having radiation treatment.
RF – East Long Meadow, MA

Thanks for the opportunity to use this wonderful product. The cream absorbed into my skin very well and I did not have to worry about staining my clothing.
Clarkson Hospital patient – Omaha, NE